Falling for Paris



Does this thing still work?

It’s been a while since we opened this blog.

But we’re giving it a go for this trip because….Egypt and Morocco!! This is an experience we want well-documented for us, if no one else.

A travel day doesn’t usually warrant a blog post but…

Somewhere around hour 4.5 of our 11-hour flight to Paris, DQ fainted on her way to the restroom. Luckily, she did this in the back galley of the plane in front of 4 flight attendants. This is the equivalent to getting into a fender bender in front of a police station.

DQ is fine! I mean, other than sore knees (it’s better she fell hard on her knees than her head) and a bad case of embarrassment. The crew were so kind and great – made her lay down on the floor right in front of the restroom with her legs propped up, checked her for injury, got her a damp towel, etc. It’s not their fault every person that visited the restroom saw her and gawked.

Meanwhile, MDT is blissfully snoozing away in seat 35K. A flight attendant who doesn’t speak much English wakes him up to say, “Your wife fell hard. Follow me.” Poor Michael. He jumps out of his seat without shoes or his glasses…and has the blurriest, longest, SCARIEST walk to the back of the plane. But relief! DQ seems okay. After assuring himself of this (repeatedly), he’s disappointed he doesn’t have his phone with him to capture the moment cuz she looks ridiculous lying on the floor in front of the galley restroom. It really would have illustrated this post nicely!

We make it back to our seats and the rest of the flight is uneventful. The very thoughtful flight attendants periodically stopped by to check in on DQ. This was both heart-warming and mortifying for her.

Totally Unrelated Travel Tip: if you are flying Air France and feel like treating yourself…pre-order dinner. In typical French fashion, they have amazing choices for airline food (duck and foi gras Shepard’s pie anyone?). We didn’t do this, but may strongly consider it in the future. If only we could drive to France from Oakland. *sigh*

Okay. More Egypt and less falling in the next post!

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2 Responses to Falling for Paris

  1. Craig says:

    Hope you are okay DQ.

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